fifty shades text generator


'I am going to teach you a lesson,' he whispers, his voice hard, and a pulse of warmth pools inside me as I tingle ... everywhere. I glance nervously at the bed.

Tipping my chin back, his skilled tongue invades my mouth, dominating, feeling spiraling out from deep within my belly. He softly kisses my face, and an electric thrill thrums through me. He plants a soft wet kiss on my lips, his eyes glowing with lust, my insides liquefying, sparking electricity ... below. Dominating, tasting, he kisses me. The sultry strains of Miley Cyrus waft through the air. He always puts songs on repeat in here. His hand tightens around my hair at my nape, pulling my head back.

He stalks gracefully forward. Jeez, he's so hard to please. His rope is coiled on the foot of the bed. I can't imagine how he wants to use that.

Moving suddenly, he yanks me off my feet, shoving me against the wall. I'm going to combust, making me yearn for him, pleasure lancing directly to my groin. His fingertips run down my belly. My heart is pounding. I blush from my head to my toes, ashamed and excited at the same time. Holy shit.