fifty shades text generator


He grins against my neck. Boy, he's so complicated. His leather strap is propped against the stack of books on his desk. His eyes glance over the strap, and everything south of my waist tightens deliciously.

'Do you want me? ,' he breathes. His voice is hard, and dark desire unfolds throughout my body.

'Yes. Oh, yes.' I swallow.

He caresses my cheek, gazing at me lovingly, coursing heat throughout my body.

Leaning down, his skilled tongue invades my mouth, exploring, making my muscles clench in response. Dominating, his eyes glowing with lust, he softly kisses my cheek. I can hear music faintly. He always puts songs on repeat in here. I bite my lip, and his fingers curl into my hair, holding my head in place.

Suddenly, he shoves me against the desk. He holds me against his hips, and all the air leaves my body. He plants a soft wet kiss on my lips, frantic, making me writhe, making me writhe. My heart is pounding.