fifty shades text generator


He lifts my chin, and my heart skips a beat. His skilled tongue invades my mouth, tasting. He softly kisses my throat, and a pulse of warmth pools inside me. Insistent, he plants a soft wet kiss on my lips. He kisses me, tasting, making me squirm. Pulling my head back as we kiss, forcefully, his hand tightens around my hair, holding tight. My subconscious is doing the merengue with some salsa moves.

'Turn around,' he murmurs, raising uncontrollable urges in me and feeling spiraling out from deep within my belly.

His leather strap is propped against the stack of books on his desk. Holy shit. I can't imagine how he wants to use that.

'Keep still,' he whispers, staring intently into my eyes. Catching me off guard, he grabs me by the shoulders, shoving me against the desk. My pulse is haywire, making me writhe, making me writhe. His fingers run up my back softly. I can see nothing, all I can hear is my rapid breathing. How can he do this to me?