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'Here? ,' he whispers. His eyes are gray, and everything south of my waist tightens deliciously. I glance nervously at the playroom.

Leaning down, he plants a soft kiss on my lips, exploring, shallowing my breath. He plants a soft wet kiss on my lips, and desire unfurls deep in my belly. Pulling my head back as we kiss, frantically, he grabs my hair and yanks down, running his fingers through my hair. My subconscious swoons and passes out somewhere in the back of my head.

His nipple clamps peek out of that velvet drawer. I glance nervously at the bed. My stomach sinks. I worry, again, that I'm not enough for him.

All of a sudden, he grabs me by the shoulders, pushing me against the doorway. It's pleasure overload, making me yearn for him. He gently runs his fingertips down my body, and my body rises and fills with my arousal. I flush deeply, ashamed and turned on at the same time. Oh, I want this.