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Tipping my chin back, he kisses me, tasting, making me tremble. He softly kisses my face, dominating, igniting a fire deep within. Insistent, insistent, his mouth is on mine. His eyes glowing with lust, tasting, insistent, he plants a soft kiss on my lips. Lifting his other hand to cradle my face as we kiss, he curls his fingers around my head, running his fingers through my hair. My inner goddess glares at me.

'Face the wall,' he whispers, and I comply immediately.

He grins against my neck. If only it didn't take a contract and a paddle to satisfy him. That paddle! We've never used a paddle before. I can't imagine how he wants to use that.

'You. Are. So. Beautiful,' he breathes as he hovers over me. Suddenly, he yanks me off my feet, slamming me against the wall. It's so hot, making me yearn for him. His hands trace up my thighs gently so that my body rises and fills with my arousal. Why am I embarrassed by this? I want him so badly.