fifty shades text generator


That flogger! We've never used a flogger before. My breathing accelerates. What on earth does he have in store for me?

'Here? ,' he growls. His voice is low, and an electric thrill thrums through me.

'Yes,' I whisper .

'Remember, I'll never hurt you. Remember, I'll never hurt you.' He caresses my hair, gazing at me tenderly, igniting my blood.

He leans in, and my heart skips a beat. He kisses me, dominating. Exploring, his eyes glowing with lust, he softly kisses my throat. He softly kisses my face, insistent, feeling spiraling out from deep within my belly, warmth pooling below my waist. Pulling my head back, his hand tightens around my hair, holding tight. My subconscious glares at me.

Suddenly, he shoves me against the wall. He restrains me with his hips, and I groan, frustrated. He skims his hands across my belly, and I lose myself to his fervent passion. How can his body do this to me?