lisa wray

blondes make better engineers


Fifty Shades of Gray Generator. My natural language generator made it to the front page of Reddit, was featured on, and got almost a million hits in the first 24 hours. It uses a hand-built context-free grammar to produce strikingly convincing passages from the eponymous novels. Among people who have not read the book, it passes the Turing Test. Check it out on GitHub.

more coming soon ...

Where have I been?

Google. I worked on the Developer Relations team, trying to make life better for developers - first on Android and then Ubiquitous Computing (Glass, Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto, Cast, and IoT). I did 20% projects like I/O Schedule 2014 and the Santa Tracker app, and I built the first published watch face to use the public API on Android Wear (now open source). .

The New York Times. I helped bring their app from Gingerbread to Holo and from a standalone phone app into a world-class, responsive app for all Android devices. I introduced improved typography and layout, using the New York Times' signature fonts, and originally authored features like night mode, saved articles, viewing and reading comments, and many design prototypes. I also built the New York Times for Glass app for Google Glass, which was the first published third-party app.

M.I.T. I have a B.S. in Humanities and Engineering (21E if you're counting) in music and computer science.

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